Alexandra Friedman

set & production design | costume design | fabrication

Alex Friedman creates environments for performance - in found locations, onstage, on screen, and on the body. She is especially excited about new work and having an open collaborative process. Alex aims to engage diverse audiences, exploding their preconceived notions of what theatre and film can be, and is interested in media that embrace the tactile craft of design.

Born in St Petersburg, Russia, Alex is a native of New York City and an alumna of Brandeis University and CalArts. Her design work has been presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and throughout the SF Bay Area. She is currently is based out of Los Angeles, having most recently worked as a set designer for LAIKA, the stop-motion animation studio in Portland, OR.


The monument by colleen wagner

The Monument is a powerful play delving into the morality of war, revenge, and forgiveness. A young soldier in a war-torn country is sentenced to death for the rape and murder of twenty-three girls. On the eve of his execution, a middle-aged women offers an ultimatum, agreeing to save him if he will do her bidding. As the woman puts the soldier to work at her home, inflicting physical and psychological torture, she reveals herself as the mother of one of the young women he raped, and both individuals must discover whether there is any way to reach absolution.

Although the play was written in response to the Bosnian War, the story is universal in its depiction of the horrors of conflict, and the toll it can take on individuals' morals. I was heavily influenced by the woodcuts of Käthe Kollwitz for this design, as I aimed to create a space that highlighted the tension between the two characters and the emotional intensity of the piece.

Designed for Berkeley Repertory Theater's Roda space in Berkeley, CA.

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